Barbell Deadlift

About Barbell Deadlifts

No other exercise signifies raw, functional strength better than the deadlift exercise. Its functionality for both athletics and day to day activities makes it a must for the majority of strength training programs. However, beginners may have a difficult time mastering the somewhat complex movement cues involved, and for that reason, they should first begin with simplistic exercises and gradually progress to the deadlift exercise. With any exercise, employing strict form is essential to ensure your safety. This is especially true for the deadlift exercise since the potential for improper form is higher in comparison to other movements.

Barbell Deadlift Video

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How To Do Deadlifts

  1. Approach an appropriately weighted barbell, bend at both the knees and hips and grasp the bar using a alternated grip. The arms should be extended and positioned just outside of the knees, which should be hip-to-shoulder width.
  2. Spread the chest, flatten the back, ensure that the barbell is positioned over the balls of the feet and mentally prepare to begin the movement.
  3. Exhale and while keeping the eyes focused straight ahead, lift the bar off the floor by extending at the hips and knees. As the bar rises above the knees, shift the hips forward and position the bar against the thighs.
    Tip: Maintain spinal alignment and do not let the hips rise before the shoulders.
  4. Inhale and while maintaining spinal alignment, flex the hips and knees to return back to starting position.
  5. Repeat until the desired number of repetitions are completed.
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